After a long cold winter here in the Texas Hill Country. Spring is finally here. On saturday the first Hummingbirds arrived. Also a nesting pair of Bluebirds now are feeding their young. Hopefully we get a good rain friday these windy days are drying us up quick. 
Well after this nice weekend we had. I decided I had to plant yesterday. It's suposed to rain Friday.
Since were waiting at least another week to plant spring food plots. Now will be a good time to take care of some Fire Ants. With the resent rains and warm sunshine today they should be close to the surface. Good Luck. 




Now that antlers have fallen and mineral supplements are out. Its time to prepare for your spring food plots. I know some of us are itching to get a head start before those 100 degree days get here. But remember Peas and Grains which are a big part of all those wildlife mixs. They don't like temps below 47 deg. I'm probably going to wait until april 1st and look at a 10 day forecast. Yea I've gambled and lost my plots due to snow. 




Nice rain this evening. Were having another wet year should be good for antlers. Bucks should have all lost their antlers now. Time for minerals.
Something I have been wondering about more lately. A few years ago I had a young Buck around that was missing his right hind hoof. He was here last year also. I was hoping a friends son would put him out of his misery. But I guess someone got him first. Anyway now I am seeing 2 yearlings also missing right rear hooves. Which my first thought of why this is happening is these new fences. They have field fence on bottom with 1 strand of barbed wire about 2" above. When a Deers hoof lands between those wires they twist and lock. Some Deer make it out some don't. The other thing I wonder about is why always the right rear?  I guess animals are like people most are right handed.