Another 9/10" of much needed rain last friday night.

And a follow up on Surrender Fire Ant Killer. It worked Great! I treated 1 mound discovered in camp on saturday after the rain. The wind got up and blew all the powder away after a few hours. But that was enough. Heres a Link to their site.
 It rained off and on friday and saturday with a total of 1". Was a much needed slow soaker. The oats Ileft standing are doing good and are making seeds. Should give some cover for the Cowpeas and other seeds that were broadcast.
 Follow up on Surrender Fire Ant Killer. With the rain the ant mounds were built up. But the ones treated a week before were still flattened. So thumbs up it works very well.
Spent a couple of days building 2 Heavy Duty Picnic Tables. Turned out real nice. Im gonna keep the smaller one for my camp. Been needing one a long time. Used to have a big wire spool. But that rotted maybe 10 years ago.

Got a little rain this evening. Should rain some more. Hope so we need it bad. And maybe it will help
prove how efective the Surrender Fire Ant Killer I put out last week worked.
Again 1/10" of rain this morning. Gonna kill some Fire Ants tomorrow. With my new Surrender Fire Ant Killer. Hopefully a Gobbler and maybe even some Varmints.

No Rain



Only 1/10" of rain friday. Even though it's getting dry things still look pretty good for now. We had a couple of wet years. That may be about over. Rain is forecast for tuesday night. We will see.
More signs of spring. Yesterday I noticed some Bluebonnets and also saw the first Sissortail.