Looks like summer is here. No significant amount of rain in over a month. We were forcast to get over 2.5" last weekend but ended with .02". Back to normal Texas Hill Country summer weather hot and dry. Keeping those Protein Feeders filled will be very important since your Deer Food Plots will be burned up soon unless there irrigated. And if there is not a water source nearby consider getting water to your Deer Herd just like cattle. Deer can drink 2 to 4 gallons a day. I keep a water a trough that I have to haul 55 gal. barrels of water with the tractor. You would be surprised at how often Deer show up and walk right by the Protein Feeder and Corn Feeder and go straight to the water trough.   
Looks like our wet seasons are over now. Its been a while since any meaningful rainfall. We all new it wouldn't last forever. The Deer are starting to frequent the Protein Feeders a lot now. I keep my Protein Feeder and Corn Feeder filled year round. The Deer will give your Protein Feeders a brake in the spring when green up starts and in fall when acorns drop. But in summer and winter I am feeding about 750lbs a week. Now that Bucks are growing antlers and Does will be Fawning in 3 or 4 weeks. If you don't already have your Protein Feeders up and filled its time. And since it looks like it may be a hot dry summer Deer will need lots of Protein, Minerals and Water.